Known for her anaconda-like deepthroating ability and obvious love of her work, Violet has appeared in many videos and websites.

Violet Deep-throats a giant cock at Deep Throat Love

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Some of Violet's movies

Violet in full-body makeup

“It was such a cool experience.  It took 4 hours to put on, which was actually a lot of fun! I was worried that I would smell bad by the end of the day because in order for the paint to adhere in a way that wouldn’t come off to easily (I had a sex scene in full makeup!) I couldn’t use any body lotion or cream or deodorant that day.  They powdered my whole body with a theatrical antiperspirant powder, and also used the same powder to set the paint and surprisingly, by the end of the day after 4 hours in makeup, 8 hours of waiting for my scene, 2-3 hours of sweaty, raunchy, hot sex… I still smelled great! I could hardly believe it!”

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