Violet burst onto the erotic scene at the start of 2006, with her debut at the Las Vegas Adult Video Convention, and immediately began receiving offers and getting calls to do movies and magazine lay-outs. She has been featured in dozens of XXX films, and on countless websites, but following some excellent advice from friendly porn-biz veterans, she has been conscientiously limiting her on-camera exposure to maintain her high-demand.

“Contrary to what ‘Feminazis’ and religious fanatics might insist, I AM IN NO WAY A VICTIM! I am doing what I LOVE to do, feeling completely actualized and affirmed by it, and loving every minute of my life. I love sex, I love porn (both watching it AND making it!) and I’m a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool exhibitionist – that’s why I take such care of my looks, to ensure that people WANT to watch me!”

Her nymphomaniac and exhibitionistic nature has fueled her efforts to get to where she is today, an established XXX Star, and since being a Pornstar is her Dream-Come-True, she can look forward to becoming a household-name over the years ahead.


“I’m not here to support a drug habit (I don’t do drugs) or a ‘baby-daddy’ (I don’t have kids) and I don’t feel a moment’s guilt or shame for doing what I do. I provide enticing erotic enjoyment and sexual fulfillment to an enthusiastic audience, and I love every minute of it!”

Violet’s natural talents and hard-earned skills, added to her obvious love of her work, have made her a stellar performer. She is an accomplished deep-throat artist, quite possibly one of the best, and is sought-after by many production companies. This has allowed her to be very selective in the work she’s done, always keeping in mind her goal of eventually owning a substantial production company of her own. The combination of her “too pretty for porn” good looks, her acting and communication skills, and her staunch advocacy of her industry’s vital role in promoting healthy attitudes towards sexuality, assure her of a long and distinguished career!